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Welcome to the RaceChrono Support and Data Post!

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Welcome to the RaceChrono Support and Data Post!

Postby Jake » Sun Sep 12, 2010 9:03 pm

Welcome all,

Due to the ongoing succes of the RaceChrono phone application and huge amount of sales of the RaceChrono TouchScreen GPS Lap Timer, we at Roost Industries would like to announce the opening of our online data post forum pages.

Here we would like to take the opportunity to provide a place for our users to post thier lap timing sessions so that other users may be able to use the data to help with improving their own lap times.

RaceChrono has given us all so much to think about lately! The extra data that we now have access too once only existed in the realms of National and World racing, but now we are all lucky enough to have access to this invaluable information. But, what good is all this extra data if we don't share it around? Sure it's great for analyzing your laps, but the real gold comes from comparing your laps to that of a faster rider! To be able to see exactly where they are making the gains!
So, in the spirit of helping our fellow racer/track day junkie, we have set up this part of the BB forum so that all who are using the RaceChrono system may post thier times and also view other people's times in the hope that one day we will have and be able to provide our users access to a vast amount of information that will help them along the road to the Ultimate Lap Time!

Read below for a quick run down on how to get you sessions data to us so that it can be posted...
(note: if you are not a member of this forum then you will need to sign up. It is free and only takes a couple of minutes)
What you need to do is transfer the the sessions from your racechrono/session folder on your phone/TouchScreen unit to the racechrono/sessions folder on your pc (this folder appears in "My Documents" after you install the racechrono pc version and run it for the first time. You can download it from here
You'll also need to have all your tracks in the racechrono/tracks folder as well so that the RaceChrono PC software can read the sessions information correctly.
Once you transferred the sessions data from your phone/TouchScreen unit to your pc you will be able to view all your sessions via racechrono on your pc. The easiest way to grab the exact session you want is to open the pc RaceChrono and delete all the unwanted sessions, then open the racechrono/sessions folder in "My Documents" and copy the remaining sessions data into another folder (it will consist of three files). Then name the folder, zip it and email it to me (email address is in my profile). I will then load it up onto the BB website and provide you with a link that you can post. That way everyone can download your best session and use it for comparisons etc.

This as a great way for people to find someone that is marginally quicker than them and use the data as an overlay to see where they can make up time. There is little no point (although it's very interesting) overlaying laps by some that is 10-15 secs a lap quicker than you as the difference in speed will seem unattainable. What you need to look for is some laps that are just a bit quicker than your own, then you can do a comparison and even quizz the guy who posted them up.

As an example I'm going to post up one of my sessions from Phillip Island.
Phillip Island
Best lap - 1:45.6
05 Yamaha R1 track bike
Conditions, sunny medium wind

Simply click on this link ...
and download the .zip file to your desktop, then unzip the contents and add them to your racechrono/sessions folder on your pc.

Please remember when you write your post to include as much information about the session as possible, such as the make of your bike/car, the track, the best time, conditions etc. Also, if you are posting up some data from a track that does not already have a thread then please start a new thread for that track.

If you have any questions about this process please post them in this thread, otherwise look for the thread that has your track and post your sessions data there.

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