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Forum Rules and Etiquette

Rules and etiquette for using this forum.

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Forum Rules and Etiquette

Postby Jake » Mon Apr 23, 2007 11:42 pm

Please try and post your subjects in the relevant areas and try not to go off topic. If you have something to say that's fine, just say it in the right place. This makes it a whole lot easier for us big cheeses to moderate and gives us more time to rob banks on posty bikes.

Keep in mind that your posts will be read by many people, young and old. If you think you may be upsetting someone then you better get ready to rumble. I.E. don't give it if you can't take it. Other than that, knock yourself out.

Advertising or posts made to generate commercial profit must be first cleared through administration. Any posts found to be of a commercial nature that have not been cleared through Admin will be removed from the site.

If you wish to advertise or post something in a commercial capacity please contact Admin at:
Thank You.
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