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BB Members Recommended Repairers list

Postby Daniel » Wed Jun 10, 2009 5:47 pm

I just thought that seeing as there are many many bike shops out there, i thought we could have our own BB Mini Directories for "Good" places to go.
Please post up names of businesses that you have dealt with "personally" and found them to be worthy of our list.

Please dont post up what you have heard or what ya mates reckon, just your own personal experiences with that business and why your recommending them.
Also if you represent or own your own bike related business feel free to sprout why we BB Members should come to you.

My first choice is Dynoverks

There are many reasons why i have chosen dynoverks as my number 1 and thats because ever since i became involved in the Roadbike/trackday Scene
1. Quality of Service, friendly, honest and enthusiastic towards my riding and my bike.
2. Prompt Service, usually same day
3. Attention to detail, which to me personally is everything, as im a very nervous rider and the last thing i need to think about is has my mechanic taken any short cuts???
4. Range Of "Good Kit" great high performance products, they stock pretty much everything worth having!
5. and last but best of all, i really value an experienced racers opinion, as they have been deeply embedded in the scene for many many years which has enabled them to keep there finger on the pulse and grow with an everchanging landscape which is Motorcycle Racing. This to me is very important, as its great to get advice from someone who knows rather than some salesman trying to sell ya whatever they stock.

I shall finish my accolade for this outlet by telling you about my most recent crash repair carried out by Dynoverks. Quite simply when i purchased my Brand New K7 Gixxer direct from a Suzuki dealer, the bike had a few obvious flaws with it that i guess to some extent comes with all mass produced products. The finish was average, some of the quality control was obviously lacking from the Gixxer factory that day. Well, i soon crashed the bike pretty bad, ($6900 repair bill) and had Dynoverks carry out the repairs.
To my amazement when i picked up my bike i didnt really know what to expect, but the thing looked absolultley PERFECT even better that whan i got it brand new??? The attention to detail Deano and Crew from dynoverks was nothing short of incredible!!! i didnt think you could improve on Brand new, but i was wrong. Since that day i have continued to use there services as i know that everytime my bike leaves that shop, it WILL be spot on.. Im glad that there are still some Customer service orientated bike shops out there, as i absolutely hated using the "Mainstream shops" as i was treated like a nobody. Comments like "Yeah mate, take a number, we will get to ya when we are ready" and Have you been riding this bike at the track? what wrong with you, your guna wreck it??"" :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

FK me, i buy a sportsbike to ride it like a sportsbike. The bike is sold with the slogan "Own the Racetrack" but when you take it back to the dealer for a service, they give you attitude cos they can see its been on the track... you know what,,,,,, F*&&*($%^KKKK the dealers, thank god for Dynoverks. They understand what its all about... :wink:
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Postby Jake » Wed Jun 10, 2009 9:35 pm

Dare I say it....


I know that we are closely affiliated with the Verks but there is a very good reason for that:

Pete, Deano and Jase run a very tight ship at Dynoverks and I'm sure everyone who has been there will agree. It only takes one look around the place to see that they mean business! And when it comes to performance setups, whether it's for race or street you really need someone who has been there and done that, and with Deano (Workshop Manager) you get nothing less. If I was to list his credentials I think I'd be here till next Christmas.
I know Deano on a professional and personal level and I can bear witness to the pride and enthusiasm he has for his work, which all adds up to a first class job every time.
The quality workmanship is also being passed on and received well by Jason, who is himself a very freindly and proffesional member of the team. And last but not least there's Pete, the owner, who loves nothing more than to tinker around with his old classics, safe in the knowledge that his customers are getting exactly what they want and more.

I know that the boys are going to feel they need to thank me for saying this but I'm really not doing them any favours, just telling it exactly how it is.

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Postby Tyrone » Thu Jun 11, 2009 6:01 pm

BALLS performance(rip ron) fourth ave sunshine,been going there for a couple of years now nothing is to little or to big for them and they wont rip you off either,i still remember the first time i went in there to get bolt to attache dampner and tank to frame spoke to ron he looked at it went and got 2,1 long 1 short asked how much wouldn't take a thing,so next day after fitting it up took back the spare one and he said 'you didn't have to do that' how's that for old school, since then i have used them for every mod repair and service and couldn't be happier. even thou ron isn't with us anymore the boy's down there are still the same at looking after you and fitting you in or just having a chat and getting advice. they got my vote
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If you own a Triumph, Go to Charlie at Turn One, Kengsington

Postby KneeDraggers » Thu Jun 11, 2009 10:49 pm

I'd have to say Turn One Motorcycles in Kengsington, especially if you own a Triumph.

Charlie Yensukjitt is the man there. He's a Thai bloke with a shocking accent and he is bloody hard to understand sometimes but he has a wealth of knowledge about everything Triumph.
He came highly recommended to me about 8 years ago when I bought my first Speed Triple.

I gave it to him to do a service and he did all that and then set it up perfectly for me for nothing.
When I went to pick it up he warned me that it was now a totally different bike and that I should take it easy until I was used to it - and he wasn't wrong either!
I'll definately be taking my new Triumph to him too. :D

He does Jap bikes too. I referred a mate of mine who wasn't getting the results that he wanted from another workshop in the city for hiis Firestorm and he couldn't speak highly enough about his workmanship.

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Postby COT » Fri Jun 12, 2009 7:10 pm

RIP Mr Rono Mono.You guys need to pop into Motologic.And you dont need to ride honda.But what you do need to do is ride down there and let Mr Paul Free bounce that bike and let him loose with a srew driver and just see the difference and if you take the next step and do internals you will know the next time you ride how much better your bike can be.Hey i know everyone has a place they can go and feel like there second home or there second work shop and thats what it is all about.
Anyway if you guys are in the Northen Suburbs,Pop in and have alook?See how the Number 1 team do it.
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Postby holly » Thu Mar 17, 2011 10:02 pm

I'll add Brett at Madbiker to the list. Young(ish) guy out in Ferntree Gully. Been looking after my bike for a few years now.
No dramas and it just keeps running well.
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