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Doctor Glass Fairing Fitment Guide

If you have any questions or tips that are mechanical or setup related, post here.

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Doctor Glass Fairing Fitment Guide

Postby Jake » Thu Aug 25, 2011 11:42 pm

Hey all,

We've taken some time and put together a comprehensive Fairing Fitment Guide with pics etc on the site at here:
Or there's a downloadable PDF file here: ... 0Guide.pdf although the page on the site has more pics and they are easier to view there.

We thought we'd put something together to help you guys out, as there's a lot of people out there that fit there own fairings and I've seen some bad jobs that could have been so much better if done with a bit of know how and the right tools
The guide has some really good tips and tricks that can help make all the difference in getting your ride looking more like the factory machines.

Any questions are welcome :D

Spread the word!

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